Sunday, 13 May 2012

hang out wit gurls

after done wit the 3killer papers.. islamic economic,fiqh mualamat,commercial law.. time ni laa nk cri mase nk lps sume beban..!!ergghh..berat bahu memikul..ececeh..pdahal xde pape pn..over jeh lebih..ahaha

LAW??!!redo je laa..xmo ckp ag psl nih..sume org kt sni redo je..lps je paper law..muke sume org serius..!!haha..tension kot..pergghhh..aaaaaaaaaaa..!!aaaaaa..!! aaaaaaaaaaaa!!

on 12 mei 2012..

tgk nih..tgk nih kteorang g mne..

before jln2..isi perut dlu..mcdonals..eheee.

after that,

a famosa^_^

sorang ttp tlinga,,mlut,mata..ahaha


wit farah


perghh sempat ag posing gayut!haha



bomm..!!kau ade??ngeeeh2

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